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New Survey: Top 20 'Must-Have' Property Features

Posted on Friday, 9 November, 2018

Good schools and an ensuite bathroom are just not enough to prompt a quick sale in the modern property market, according to a recent survey by GoCompare Mortgages.

The survey of 2,000 UK homebuyers shows a top 20 wish list from potential homebuyers that has changed considerably even in the last five years due to technological advances and lifestyle changes. Warmth, energy efficiency and security are key priorities for buyers with central heating, double-glazing, secure doors and windows taking the top three places in the 'must have' features list.

Homebuyers are putting practical concerns ahead of aesthetics. They are looking for warm, cosy properties, which are energy efficient and well connected to modern amenities rather than ones that are full of character. For many buyers, the on-going costs of running a home - paying the mortgage, utility bills and council tax - are a real concern. It's perhaps unsurprising then that well-insulated homes and efficient central heating systems are key priorities.

With more adults working from home, technology matters. Connectivity is an important requirement for schoolwork, gaming, leisure and 'socialising'. So reliable broadband, plentiful electric sockets and good mobile phone signal rank higher than bathroom amenities. Almost 60 per cent of buyers require a reliable broadband connection strong enough to stream films and TV and a living room big enough for a large flat screen TV is important to 42% of homebuyers.  

An ensuite bathroom no longer makes the top 20, but 50 per cent of homebuyers still want a bathtub, 49 per cent a separate shower cubicle and 52 per cent are looking for two or more toilets. If you’re selling your property, a shower and extra toilet may be practical investments, but don't be tempted to remove the bath to create space. Without one you are reducing the number of potential buyers for your property.

Outside space remains popular, with 69 per cent looking for a garden. If you're buying a first home, your budget may not stretch to a good-sized garden, but even a small space can be transformed with some furniture and some pretty plants. If you’re selling, make sure your garden is looking its best and makes a lasting impression.

Efficient, family-friendly layouts and open, floor plans with smart home technology are increasingly popular. Over and above the specific Top 20 features, today’s buyers are looking for well-designed homes with flexible space in central living areas, great flow and clever, integral storage.

Homes needs to be in 'move straight in' condition. Homebuyers are also looking for electrical and plumbing fixtures to be compliant with current building codes and in full working order. They want to know that they can move in and enjoy their new home, without spending time and money fixing it up. 

Aesthetics will always be important in attracting potential buyers to a property in the first instance and can be pivotal in their final decision. Accessories play an important part making a house a home; candles, flowers and pleasant aromas go a long way in influencing a potential buyer. First impressions count so before marketing your property, maximise its kerb appeal with a new coat of paint, impressive lighting and a tidy garden. 

Top 20 ‘must-have’ features for selling your home

1. Central heating: 82%

2. Double glazing: 80%

3. Secure doors and windows: 74%

4. A garden: 69%

5. A good, reliable broadband connection sufficiently strong to stream films and TV: 59%

6. Plenty of electrical sockets: 59%

7. Local shops and amenities: 58%

8. A driveway or dedicated parking space: 53%

9. A reliable, clear mobile phone signal: 53%

10. A good energy efficiency rating: 52%

11. At least two toilets: 52%

12. Friendly neighbours: 51%

13. A bath tub: 50%

14. A shower cubicle: 49%

15. Cavity wall insulation: 46%

16. A living room big enough for a large, flat screen TV: 42%

17. A garage: 41%

18. A dining room: 40%

19. A landline telephone: 39%

20. A new boiler or central heating system: 37%

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