Land & New Homes

Land & New Homes

Do you own a potential building plot or are you considering redeveloping a site?

Our Land and New Homes experts provide owners with detailed multi-option valuations, planning and development advice.

Accurate Valuations

Fairview helps owners identify potential development sites and offer advice on all aspects from obtaining planning permission, development costs, all the way to sale and completion.

Unsure as to whether a site is a suitable development opportunity? Why not get in touch with our team and book your accurate and FREE valuation to find out?

Project Management

Keeping vendors interests at the forefront at all times, we offer project management services to help keep your development project on track from the ground up. Liaising with contractors and local authorities, we keep you in control of all aspect of your build.

Plus with our extensive network of industry experts, Fairview Land and New Homes provides owners with a one stop shop for all new build and development projects.

Verified and Trusted Partners

Our select portfolio of partners services ensures owners are introduced to the very best developers, local architects, planning experts and builders. We personally verify all external services offered, to make sure your project is in the best possible hands from start to finish.

Development Contracts

Many developers offer contracts with owners to share the costs of the build, so our team work hard on behalf of owners to negotiate the best possible deal for them. A well negotiated contract can help protect owners from unexpected costs and safeguard their investment.

Effective Marketing

As with all new builds, minimizing the time it takes from inception to sale is crucial in providing a faster return on your investment. Here at Fairview, we fully market new builds prior to completion to secure buyers and shorten return time.

Find Out More

Please speak to our Land and New Homes team for more information or to discuss your potential development project.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.